Non-sanded grout is scraped out, cleaned, grouted and sealed. It ends up looking brand new!
Around the bath tub, around sinks and toilets, as well as where different fields of tile meet is Caulking which is flexible and water proof. After some time caulking can turn dark and look dirty we can remove, clean and apply new high quality caulk
Grout Color Change
If you have sanded grout we can clean it, acid wash it and stain seal it any color you want. This leaves your grout waterproof and completely uniform in color!
Granite cleaning and sealing
Granite counters are porous and need to be sealed every 2-3 years depending on how much use they get. We can clean your granite and seal it with a high quality sealer. this will prevent water stains and keep your food preparation areas sanitary.
Tile Replacement
If you have cracked or chipped tiles we can replace them as long as you provide the tiles.
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